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Name: Mallo
Are you over 16?: Yes How rude of you to ask a lady her age. For shame!
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How did you find us?: Some advert for the game, bazillions of years ago.


Character name: Kelly Louise Lailey
Fandom: Pokemon Emerald Version (OC)
Timeline: A short while before Team Magma’s attempt to force Mt. Chimney into erupting, using the energy from the stolen meteorite.
Age: 18

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Kelly herself is your average squishy human, but she comes from a world where people raise highly powered creatures known as Pokemon. A trainer's Pokemon companions are a means of battle, but they also make loyal partners and their skills are useful outside of fighting. All three of Kelly's Pokemon are level 20 or under, in keeping with the levels of other Magma grunts' teams at her canon point. For the uninitiated, this means that Kelly's Pokemon are of a practical level of strength and skill, enough to at least protect their trainer, but comparatively they are very low down on the scale. For some perspective, Pokemon around level 20 are standard for trainers who are on their second gym badge (there are eight badges all together), and the trainer considered most powerful in each region, the Champion, usually has Pokemon with levels in the higher-fifties range. What's more, Kelly's Pokemon are trained primarily for Pokemon Contests and have less battle experience than many other trained Pokemon do.

How would they use their abilities?: Battles are the most obvious use of Pokemon for trainers, and while she tends to avoid battling, Kelly would be fully able to face-off against other members of the Thor who have their own Pokemon. She can also use her Pokemon to defend against threats to her safety, or to intimidate others in the unlikely event that she'd feel the need to. However, Kelly is most likely to use her Pokemon's powers for Pokemon Coordinating. Coordinating, which takes place in the form of official Pokemon Contests, involves demonstrating a Pokemon's abilities in a way that is aesthetically pleasing in order to score points, often while trying to throw off the other contestants. Kelly fully intends to keep her Pokemon's Contest skills sharp and would practice regularly with them on the Thor, maybe doing performances for the other citizens or challenging other Coordinators if she had the chance.

Appearance: (Full-length picture)

Kelly is about as ginger as ginger gets, having inherited her most defining traits from her father’s side of the family. She keeps her red hair just past her shoulders and sees it as the crowning glory of her appearance. Of course, she treats it as such: it's never ending work, but Kelly's hair is always shiny and easily manageable. ...Okay, almost always. No matter how much effort and expenses on hair products Kelly invests into those locks, she can't keep it from frizzing so frustratingly easy in humidity, and it is painfully high maintenance. Left to its natural state it is prone to kinks and curls that have to be regularly beaten out with a full onslaught of hair masks and straightening sessions. Kelly changes styles regularly, but her default choice is wearing her hair down and tucked behind her ears, securing it with hair-slides to make sure it doesn't fall into her face. There's always one disobedient lock of hair at the front that escapes the slides and dangles, but it's so persistent that Kelly rarely bothers to fix it.

Kelly is also tall, standing at 5'9". She has always been taller than most of her peers, and has grown to be long-legged. While she's not thin to the extreme of looking unhealthy, it's enough that her family and friends occasionally voice concerns and suggest she put on more weight; Kelly isn't shapely at all and longs for curvier hips and bust. Unfortunately, her continuing attempts to pack on a few pounds always end in failure when the weight never seems to stick, though her tiny appetite doesn't help her much either.

Despite her height and hair colour being top contenders, her most recognisable quirk has to be her freckles. They vary in tone and density, but she has them everywhere; her skin is also very pale and never tans, it only burns. As a girl to whom appearance is everything, Kelly is rarely without makeup, and she'd never dream of leaving the house without being all dolled up. She also has green eyes, and noticeable scarring on her chin after she tripped one time while travelling up the side of a mountain with other Team Magma members.

When it comes to dress, Kelly's position as a grunt-class member of Team Magma requires her to wear the standard-issue female uniform. The female grunt uniform consists of a red hooded tunic with a turtleneck-like collar. The tunic cuts off at the chest, with pointed 'sleeves' that hang off from the shoulders then join to the back of the garment that goes down into a point, almost like a short cloak. The tunic sports the Magma emblem across the chest, and an oval decoration and horns on the hood; it is worn over a dark grey/black shirt and skirt, and coupled with red leg-warmers, arm-bands or sleeves, and dark grey/black gloves. Dark grey/black gloves, belt, and shoes complete the outfit.

While off duty Kelly is never seen in her Magma gear—she hates it for being stuffy and unfashionable, and she doesn't want to people in her personal life to know about her job, so when away from base she opts for civilian clothing. She is fashion conscious and tends to dress according to the latest trends, but she has a penchant for bold colours and repeating patterns. She'll modify her clothes herself and occasionally makes her own jewelry and accessories to go with her outfits, but she's more likely to delve into the clothes rails than sit down and make something herself.


Everybody wants a friend like Kelly.

At least, that's the mantra Kelly repeats to herself every time she stops to check her reflection. Kelly Louise Lailey strives to be the best friend that everybody wants. You're going to love her—because she's going to make it happen.

...Well. Perhaps not everybody is going to love her. People who are first greeted by the red of her uniform, the foreboding Magma insignia, and the aloof pleasureless smile that accompanies it are left with a distinctly different impression of Kelly than those who meet her off the job. To people who meet Kelly when she’s donning civilian clothing or polished and spruced up in one of her best Contest dresses, Kelly is a bubbly, overly enthusiastic young woman who would be all too pleased to help them out and has a blatant need to impress. And to Kelly, impressing is everything.

In the Pokemon Contests that Kelly holds to such high esteem, the all important preliminary stage centres around presenting the performing Pokemon at their best for the approval of the judges and the crowd. No matter how well a Pokemon performs in the acting rounds that follow, if it doesn't make a lasting first impression then it will be overshadowed by its fellow contestants and fall out of the spotlight. Kelly carries this philosophy of first impressions further than the stage and into her everyday life. Everything about Kelly is finely tuned to ensure she makes the best impression possible. The clothes she wears, her speech, her mannerisms...Kelly leaves nothing to chance, investing meticulous care into turning herself into what she thinks everybody wants. The perfect friend, the perfect Magma Grunt, the perfect Pokemon Coordinator...Kelly strives for these ideals, and to be seen at less than her best is the ultimate failure. But the truth of who she really is is quite different to what Kelly wants everyone else to see.

Kelly was born in the snow-covered region of Sinnoh. Her mother was a Master Rank Pokemon Coordinator from Hoenn who jumped regions in order to further her career in Sinnoh’s Super Contests, while her father was a frail yet cheerily ambitious journalist who had fallen further for the Contest victor's charms with each passing interview. Kelly spent the first year of her life in Sinnoh before her father became ill and died suddenly. Unable to handle the grief of raising a small child in a still unfamiliar region after the death of her husband, Kelly’s mother took her daughter and moved back to the warmer climate of Hoenn. She went back to living with her own mother in Lavaridge Town, a traditional tourist destination in the mountains famed for its hot springs and its old fashioned ways. With the weight of having to raise her child alone lifted, Kelly’s mother quickly returned to the Hoenn Contest scene, using the experience of Sinnoh’s Super Contests to add foreign flair to her new performances. As Kelly grew up watching her mother and her Pokemon perform, her admiration for the art grew, until she would beg her mother to teach her how to groom a Pokemon properly and how to make the best appeal to the judges. Her mother acted as her mentor, and from a young age Kelly began competing in a mother-child duo with her, and a little later by herself in beginner's rank Contests, using her own Pokemon.

Determined to become as brilliant as the Coordinator she looks up to the most, when she turned 13 Kelly left her traditional hometown for the culture and bustle of Rustboro City. With her obvious passion for Pokemon Contests, Kelly successfully enrolled into an all-girls boarding school for all kinds of trainers, pledging to dedicate her time to learning to understand the full artistry of Pokemon Coordinating. Only, the first term didn't go quite as smoothly as the optimistic Kelly had wished for. While off to a strong start with her studies, Kelly felt overwhelmed and isolated in this daunting new situation, her family, friends, and the lush mountainous scenery of home so far away. ...And, raised in an environment where perfection is everything by her sharply honest mother and grandmother, Kelly’s blunt nature didn't win her many friends. To Kelly, the girls from the big city seemed to be as easily bruised as ripe Pecha Berries, and while she made her way, at first Kelly couldn't quite fit in, causing her to become lonely and miserable.

The change finally came when Kelly unveiled her Coordination skills to her fellow classmates in a practice Contest, taking to the school stage and stepping right back into her element to impress her peers. Her classmates started to talk to her, hoping for advice and wanting to know about her mother now that Kelly’s Contest background had been revealed. Now that the attention was on her, Kelly was desperate not to let the chance to make friends and finally fit in slip away. One night while practicing a (rather shaky) routine and fretting about what to do, the answer came to her; she really was good at Contests, wasn’t she? And she knew how to act up and get her Pokemon to act up to please a crowd. Now that she had finally made an ‘appeal’ that had caught the ‘judges’ attention, she knew that all she had to do was to keep bringing in what people wanted to see. She would give her audience the best possible show she could.

And so Kelly worked on changing herself into what she felt the people around her admired. She learned to silence her blunt tongue and tell people what they want to hear in order to fit in, and learned that the easiest way to get along was to show people what they wanted to see. Dress to suit current fashions, temper your opinions to fit those of the group, pretend that nothing is wrong and always, always smile. She swapped her natural sharpness for an unwavering smile and welcoming attitude, making every effort to become likable. Once she began to see socialising like performing in a Pokemon Contest, it became a natural thing for her to always try to make the best impression, and she quickly learned to manipulate and get the best out of people.

Indeed, Kelly is very manipulative. Her approach to manufacturing "friendships" is often depersonalised and almost cruel in how she even jumps on moments of emotional fragility in an attempt to foster an artificial bond of trust. When Kelly offers gifts or assistance, it is rarely a genuine display of affection but an attempt to win a person's favour. She's very convincing in her act and few people catch on that Kelly cares for them a lot less than she pretends to, though it's not unusual for people to sense that there's something not quite genuine in Kelly's smiles and unrelenting cheerfulness. Kelly's deception isn't perfect, and as skilled at this game as she is, occasional cracks are inevitable. When her usual persona is so kindly and positive, it comes as an extra large shock when Kelly snaps in anger and makes a cruelly blunt comment. Of course, Kelly is quick to try and rectify things and fix damage, showering a person she's slighted with apologies, extra attention and small gifts until she feels the incident has been all but forgotten.

Pushing down her true emotions in favour of forcing herself to be so continually upbeat and proactive can be exhausting, and the strain results in Kelly developing various vices to help give her some relief from her struggle to act "perfectly". She has a highly addictive personality and becomes easily hooked on small treats, requiring them as a part of her routine in order to keep her mood in a good place. When Kelly sneaks off alone for a secretive soda on her work break (secretive because it just wouldn't do for her peers to see her indulge in such a sugary, childish beverage, instead of steaming cups of tea which she actually hates, by the way, but drinking tea is far more cultured than soda), it's more than just taking a moment to unwind: it's a moment for Kelly to feel that she's dropping her tiring persona and taking a moment to be herself. Without these little slices of time alone she becomes irritable, and becomes much more prone to slipping up and letting the less liked parts of her personality show.

Kelly has several motives behind her bizarre "friends with everyone" gameplan. The first are purely superficial: being seen as a people person and getting as many people to reflect positively on her as possible gives her a good image, which Kelly considers vital for her future career as a Coordinator; similarly, the second reason is that having a network of relationships is a good resource should she need any specific assistance, and it's always beneficial to know people have your back. The third reason, however, is much more personal, in that Kelly doesn't like to feel alone. While her friendships are often full of fakery and the affection she displays an act, Kelly is a genuinely sociable person who loves the company of all different sorts of people. In this way she's a lot like her late father, who loved his journalism job for the variety of people who who got to meet and whose lives he got to peek into due to his interviews, though he was much more genuine about things than his daughter. Kelly grew up in a very tight-knit household within a traditionally close community. When she moved to her new school in Rustboro City, being in a big city and not knowing or being able to gel with her classmates made her feel lonely, isolated, and miserable. Being in a city worlds away from her lush mountain-situated community and not having friends formed an unfortunate combination that left Kelly knowing she never wanted to feel that sort of separation again.

When it comes to relationships, Kelly is a hopeless romantic, though that "hopeless" is frustratingly literal. Like many young women her age, Kelly longs for a romance like the ones in her favourite chick lit novels and cliche romance films. But unfortunately, Kelly is much more in love with the idea of a relationship than she has been with any guy she's dated. Kelly has had more boyfriends than she can remember, though their forgetability may be less to do with their number and more how little time they were around for. Guys who ask Kelly out have an amazing chance of success, but sadly, an even greater chance of being out of her life a fortnight later. Kelly's reasons are always the same: they're just not right for her. So far, no boy has been. At least, that's what she tells herself.

While Kelly may be able to convince even herself that she's just very particular as to her partners, the truth is that she has no idea how to relate to men. Kelly was raised without a father figure and without any other influential men in her life, and studying at an all-girl's school kept her out of the way of male peers until very recently. She doesn't know how to understand them, and while she can just about converse with them eloquently enough, anything beyond that leaves Kelly feeling out of her depth and perhaps just a little uncomfortable. Still resolute that she simply hasn't found "the one", Kelly continues to date, entering relationships feeling happy and positive about her latest boyfriend, but balking the moment things start to get even a little bit serious. Kelly longs for the companionship and emotional intimacy of a proper relationship, but her inability to feel comfortable around guys means this is currently unlikely.

There is also a much bigger issue at play that stops Kelly from settling comfortably into a relationship. While Kelly has little understanding or ability to communicate with men outside of the Contest scene, she also has no successful relationships in her life off of which to model her own. Her mother and grandmother are both windowed, and the youthful relationships among her peers are of course immature and fleeting. Other than the fictional romances Kelly adores that are rose-tinted to the point of lacking all essence of real world relationships, she has nothing to base her own relationship on. A much more serious issue and perhaps the one that plays the biggest part in Kelly pulling away from relationships early is that Kelly has a deeply buried fear that relationships don't last forever and that she'll lose her partner in the same way that her mother lost Kelly's father, and to a lesser extent her widowed grandmother. If Kelly were fully able to comprehend that this is what she feels, she would know it to be irrational, but such personal tragedies, even those she doesn't remember (or, with her grandfather's death, wasn't even alive for) stick closely with her.

When it comes to things that make her happy, Kelly is very easy to please. Pokemon Contests are of course her greatest passion, and she loves both performing and watching other Coordinators perform, as well as the social scene and flair of the art. Outside of that, Kelly's interests are very simple. She loves fashion and shopping, especially when the two combine into hunting amongst clothing rails for that rare, perfect outfit. She doesn't mind whether she's shopping at a big label store or even a tiny thrift-shop, all that matters is she find an outfit she knows can make her look good. She often buys her clothes a size larger and then tailors them herself (sometimes with the help of her grandmother and her craft skills if the cut is particularly complex) to ensure she gets a fit perfect to her. Looking good is important to her, and Kelly believes that everyone deserves to look their best, often pulling less than willing friends on a search to find an outfit that brings out the 'real them'. Because to Kelly, when she shine on the outside you shine on the inside too.

Kelly can appear at times to be a bit...ditzy. From an outsider's perspective, Kelly appears to pluck big decisions out of the air and makes choices that make the people around her wonder if she has stuffed her head with so much sparkly superficial fluff that there's no room left for common sense. It would be a wrong, but it's not an unreasonable assumption considering that the emphasis Kelly puts on impressing and Pokemon Contests is above all else. The real truth is not that Kelly is inept at putting thought into her decisions—she's painstakingly diligent and exact when it comes to Contests, after all. The awkward truth is that she just...doesn't care. Nor, in fact, does she recognise the need to. While Kelly has she had slip-ups and times where nothing has gone right there's been never anything big enough for her to develop a sense of proportion and common sense, nor an ability to put the proper weight on important decisions.

Providing there are no immediately obvious problems and it seems cushty enough, Kelly will always grab (or rather, nonchalantly reach for) the first option that's presented to her. Knowing this it's easy to piece together why somebody who doesn't have a single thought to spare for the equilibrium between the land and sea ended up a member of Team Magma. She had needed a job, and when she was approached by a gaggle of girls around her age offering employment doing menial grunt work as an “environmental crusader”, Kelly had gone away and, even after trailing through news articles decrying Team Magma as a “troublesome cult”, the next time she encountered the group she signed away her name and loyalties. Even after finding herself thrust into a hideous uniform and roped into criminal activities, Kelly stayed with the job. Even after finding herself thrust into a hideous uniform and roped into criminal activities, Kelly stayed with the job. Why? Well...why not? She was paid fairly for her work, which while mundane and tireless was generally straightforward and simple, save for the occasional need to stop the public from interfering in Magma's latest act of law-breaking.

Even when ominous rumours about legendary ground deities and comments about what a "wonderful" combination a meteorite and a volcano might make, Kelly would not budge from her job. Every time she's chastised for her choice she shrugs it off. Team Magma? They would never achieve anything — believe her, she's on the inside, she should know. No, her superiors were just fanatics who wouldn't get anywhere, especially not if the rumors about the young Pokemon Trainer who kept throwing a spanner into their plans held true. There was no way they would achieve their goal. ...As ironic this is to anyone who knows how the story ends, and as naive as Kelly is, it's an attitude that can be traced back to her mother and grandmother and how little emphasis they put on anything not Contest related. Kelly's flippant happy-go-lucky attitude bleeds into her moral coding. She doesn't bat an eyelid at having to commit petty crime as a part of her grunt duties. While in her personal life Kelly acts as a perfectly law-abiding citizen in order not to smear her reputation in the Contest scene, she sees little wrong with theft and trespassing. Law-breaking is just a part of the job—it's nothing more personal or complex than that.

Whilst Kelly is the type to inspect her hair and lip gloss every five minutes, make reckless decisions, swoon over gushy third-rate romance novels and be so desperate to please, she is not the meek and helpless young girl that people around her sometimes expect her to be. Even if she has a idealised desire for "true love" with a man who will be chivalrous and treat her right, Kelly doesn't believe she actively needs a man in her life in order to be happy or successful, nor that she should play the second-role in a relationship. Kelly grew up with no father figure and few men in her life, but surrounded by strong women. She was raised by her widowed mother and grandmother, in a town that would eventually see its Pokemon Gym taken over by a female Leader, Flannery. Her biggest Coordinator role-models are other women gym leaders who balance both being Master Rank Coordinators with running their own gyms and taking on league challengers. Kelly believes women are strong and holds a special respect for women who harmonise strength with feminine beauty and magnificence, just like her Coordinator heroines.

Although Kelly has a deceptively strong personality, physically she's not so up to task. She was once very active when she was a child and loved adventuring outdoors as much as she did girly things...and was also strong headed and unwilling to separate the two, leading to many ripped and muddy dresses. But even since then she's lacked stamina, something that worsened with age as her girly side overtook the adventurous one, and her tiny appetite and small frame don't help things either. It doesn't take much physical exertion to exhaust her, and she also suffers greatly in the heat ("Sinnoh genes", her mother has often joked). The first time she was required to work in the the inner areas of Team Magma's volcano-based hideout, the hot atmosphere caused her to collapse. Of course, Kelly is too worried about messing up her hair to engage in much rushing around or rough-and-tumble anyway, but her Pokemon team is not the strongest, either. She lacks the training skills and grip on strategy in battle that other trainers possess, and she raises her Pokemon to perform, not fight. They've spent more time in grooming that they have facing other Pokemon in battle.

Despite being the social Beautifly she is, the false nature of her relationships leaves Kelly with several interpersonal issues that can be quite problematic. Kelly likes to believe that she understands people...and, well, she does, to an extent. She's good at pinpointing an individual's insecurities, their feelings, their wants, and playing up to or twisting them in order to get what she wants (usually loyalty). However, she over-analyses to the point that she sometimes misses the mark entirely, assuming something of someone that just isn't true. She frequently expects people to be as fake and manipulative as herself, which makes it hard for her to trust people, though she's too busy treating relationships like a game to build up any trust anyway. It's hard for Kelly to reciprocate the same feelings of friendship that she instils in other people, and even when she finds herself beginning to grow close to someone the different levels of affection she's led the other person to complicates things further. When bad things happen to her, Kelly finds herself surrounded by people who want to do the friend's thing and offer support but whom she doesn't care for back, making her feel more isolated and alone, and is sometimes annoyed by the meddling of people she caused to be sympathetic to her in the first place. In this way she can be very selfish, as well as callous about the feelings of those around her.

When Kelly is with people she feels most comfortable with, namely her family and her closest friends, she completely different to the persona she wears out in the public eye, and though there are distinctive shades of it in her actual personality, they're much more subtle and blend with the parts Kelly usually tries to hide. She's still cheerful and upbeat, but less extremely so, and any acts of helpfulness are led by genuine selflessness rather than a desire for "friendship points". However, when she's not fighting to maintain a relationship sometimes things fall to the wayside, and Kelly isn't always as helpful towards friends as she is strangers, just because she doesn't feel the need to keep stoking the fire of the relationship, and sometimes her selfishness is a little obvious. When she's acting true to herself Kelly can be painfully blunt to the point of occasionally coming across as mean. When she's with those she trusts the most she ditches the sugar-coated walkarounds in favour of dishing full-out honesty, whether the other person asked for it or not, and is very firm in her words. While her shields are down she relaxes significantly, allowing other people to see the less attractive emotions she usually fights to hide, such as laziness, jealousy or sadness. While she's comfortable to express these emotions she still finds it hard to talk frankly or in depth about her feelings unless the other person shows remarkably explicit willingness to listen or tries to pry it out of her themselves—she doesn't like feeling like she's hogging the all attention or that she's being an emotional burden on people she cares for. As meek as Kelly appears when she's playing nice, push her too far or push the people she cares about too far, and many see the sarcastic, sharp-tongued Kelly rise up and deal out an aggressive verbal beat-down. After all, there's no point in holding back the nastier parts of her nature when there's obviously nothing worth gaining by putting on a polite face.

EDIT: Further information on Kelly's motives and morality can now be found here.

Why should that character be in this game: Kelly should be in Gargleblasted because...well, for one, I think she could get some very interesting CR. She's outgoing and (appears to be) friendly enough, so I don't think she'd have any issues fitting into the game. ...But then, of course, most of her personality is one big fib, and I would find it a lot of fun to watch Kelly manipulate her way into friendships, only for her true nature to begin shining through as she struggles to keep up the front under the pressure of being so far away from home, on a galactic ship that throws weirdness at you on a regular basis.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Guide plug-in: FlamingFerret. Ways to make money: Missions, stealing, or mooching off other characters.

1st person sample:

[The feed flickers on and for a moment the screen is full of distortion, red blur, and close up shots of fumbling hands as the device gets turned and tilted haphazardly. A few perplexed ‘um’s and a mutter of “Is it even on...?” later and the picture finally settles, tilting to reveal a rather ruffled-looking young woman in an eccentric-looking hooded garment (which has...horns, no less).]

Ah—! Hello! You can all see me, right? Yes? Good.

[The newcomer waggles her gloved fingers playfully at the camera and grins, before drawing the device a little closer. Her eyes are slightly red and puffy, and her freckled cheeks have dark smudges on them, but her tone and expression are perfectly controlled and cheerful.]

Hi! I’m Kelly. I— [...she pauses, drawing in a deep breath before continuing in an almost strangely level tone.] I’m new here, I just arrived today.

[She smiles again, perhaps a little too widely.] It’s been all rush since I got here...I've still all of this paperwork that I need to sort out. It’s a good thing I'm used to this from work! [She gives a musical little giggle and flashes her wad of papers at the camera.] ...So I'm sorry! I haven't been able to meet any of you properly yet...oh, but I’m really looking forward to it. I'm sure we're going to get just great. If you ever need help with anything at all then just come find me, okay? Okay. Bye, now!

[The guide is lifted and tilted again, cutting off half of Kelly’s face as she looks for how to stop the filming. The moment she thinks her face is out of the frame the smile and any hint of cheer vanishes and her posture becomes more tense. A few shots of her fingers poking at the buttons and the feed shuts off.]

3rd person sample: Kelly clicks the lid back on her (depressingly cheap, but desperate times) tube of lipstick and stares back at her own blank reflection in the dirtied and cracked mirror of living situation. The sight alone of the cramped and dingy quarters reflected behind her makes her already reddened eyes sting, but she bats back tears defiantly: don't be so silly, you can't go and smudge your eyeliner again, Kelly.

It's surprisingly easy for her to believe the Earth is gone. Hoenn and her family, Pokemon Contests and Team Magma on the other's the supposedly smaller things that stick most, that turn into cold lumps that stick fast in her throat every time she tries to get her head around it. She can't believe that even if the Earth is gone, that those things have been taken too. It's too huge. Everything she cares for is gone. The red and white Pokeballs still safely at her waist provide the only glimmer of comfort.

What can I do now?

She looks back at her reflection and a forced expression of determination stares back at her from within the mirror; the longer she looks, the more and more her painted lips and darkened eyes look like war paint. As she inhales shakily a resolution dawns in her mind and she knows what she needs to do.

The grin Kelly wears is wide as she steps from her living quarters as if out into hopeful sunshine—

"Whoops! Oh no!"

...and deliberately into the path of an unfortunate passer-by.

"I'm sorry, did I make you drop all that? This is all my fault, here, let me help... I simply must buy you a drink to make up for this. I'm Kelly, by the way."

As she's helping her new "friend" to their feet and gently pulling them in the direction of the nearest coffee shop, Kelly resolves that she'll make a place for herself here...whatever it takes.

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: I sure hope I did, or else I'm not worthy to play such a perfectionist character!