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[community profile] gargleblasted Logs

Logs are listed in order of when they were started (so they may not be chronological, ICly speaking). Let me know if any of the linked are fudged!

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x Genji [personal profile] loansharkbait Jun 23rd: Who says that friendship can't be bought?
x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Jun 21st: Backdated to Minato's return from Reaperplot: Well that was a fuckin' bust / Kelly's moment of weh
x Post #008: Jun 21st: Mission: bouncer at The Devil's Nest. Kelly gets back on her feet after a month of being a sulky little bitch


x Belphe [personal profile] belphe May 7th: High time for a health check up
x Haruhi [personal profile] hollaholla_getdaughta May 7th: That sure is a familiar (and a little too cheery) looking face
x Ryoji [personal profile] hollaholla_getdolla May 5th: (Backdated to April) Finally some half-sane company and self-medication of the alcoholic variety


x Bianca [personal profile] futureprofessor Apr 22nd: Skeletons in Kelly's closet? Wh-what nonsense are you chattin' about?
x Post #007: Apr 19th: Hairline-trigger temper for bitches who take their opportunities for granted
x Ryoji [personal profile] hollaholla_getdolla Apr 12th: Gotta chill with somebody whose head has something in it other than peroxide and inflated self-importance
x Genji [personal profile] loansharkbait Apr 6th: Gambling time! Rock, paper, scissors, profit!
x Open Log: Apr 5th: Girly sleepover-party time at Gucci Armani Prada House!
x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Apr 5th: You had better not turn up to her party stoned, girl
x Pinkie Pie [personal profile] elementofcupcakes Apr 2nd: And a very swirly birthday to you, Pinkie Pie


x Post #006: Mar 29th: Meet your past-self Drive: How many Kellys does it take to piss off the shopping district?
x Midii [personal profile] unetrustworthy Mar 28th: Baby Midii is a cutie, but...babies, Drive? Rude.
x Ryoji [personal profile] hollaholla_getdolla Mar 28th: Hark! A younger (and very speedy) Ryoji!
x Luna [personal profile] doublethefun Mar 26th: Online multiplayer is serious business even for pony princesses
x Post #005: Mar 26th: Newly hatched Tynamo joined the party!
x Yuudai [personal profile] blondweasel Mar 22nd: A college with no people in it?
x Minato [personal profile] foolish_seal Mar 6th: Free tea for a very tired 4tea2 customer still reeling after pirate shenanigans
x Open thread: Mar 6th: Mission @ 4tea2: Working extra hard to quell customers' post-pirate invasion lethargy
x Ryoji [personal profile] hollaholla_getdolla Mar 3rd: Glad not to be sharing a residence with Dildo Mountain
x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Mar 2nd: Pizza dinner to banish Rin's post-kidnapping blues


x Post #004: Kelly does not agree with the insinuation that her freckles are "imperfections"
x Ryoji [personal profile] hollaholla_getdolla Jan 16th: Welcome drinks with the new roommate
x Open thread: Jan 10th: 4tea2 visit: distract Kelly from her self imposed workload
x Ozai [personal profile] reincarnational Jan 10th: 4tea2 visit: A potentially unfortunate choice of a tea-time conversation partner
x Rapunzel [personal profile] hairraisingly Jan 10th: 4tea2 visit: The greatest love story ever told (in Kelly's eyes, anyway)
x Bianca [personal profile] futureprofessor Jan 8th: Gym visit: eggs and baby Pokemon
x Post #003: Jan 6th: Mission: reporting — Seeking to connect with more than just a readership
x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Jan 4th: Cake clothing would likely be beyond even the most avant garde fashionistas



x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Dec 27th: Spending time at Kelly's on Christmas Day
x Rarity [personal profile] fabularity Dec 12th: Fabulousness + busyness = the most deafening breakdowns
x Event: Dec 10th: Fire & Ice Gala: Kelly's Pokemon dance performance
x Rose [personal profile] lovecrafting Dec 4th: Moving out is a sad waste of a birthday
x Kreutzer [personal profile] suicidoll Dec 4th: This would have made wearing a hooded tunic inside a volcano much more bearable
x Event: Dec 3rd: Kelly @ the Mistletoe Event


x Claire [personal profile] believeinwarmth Nov 28th: Solidarity shared between two suddenly-bald ladies
x Post #002: Nov 28th: Invisible body parts Drive: At least winter means kitsch woollen hats are back in fashion
x Rarity [personal profile] fabularity Nov 23rd: Mission @ 4tea2: One fabulous (and very dramatic) customer
x Bianca [personal profile] futureprofessor Nov 16th: Drawing party: Bianca and paints? Now there's worrying combo
x Rin [personal profile] nohugging Nov 14th: Help getting dressed from a boy? Are you crazy?
x Terezi [personal profile] thoughtandflow Nov 14th: Drawing party time!
x Naoto [personal profile] pishirogane Nov 11th: Missions @ 4tea2: Sinnoh Pokemon are endearing
x Zuko [personal profile] deconflagration Nov 11th: Mission @ 4tea2: A check-in with the new boss
x Rapunzel [personal profile] hairraisingly Nov 8th: Mission @ 4tea2: Lunch is best shared with two people
x Rapunzel [personal profile] hairraisingly Nov 7th: Mission @ 4tea2: two tea shop workers nerding it up about tea
x Karen [personal profile] sapphirearrow Nov 7th: Dealing with disappeared people and the sadness of those left behind
x Aradia [personal profile] maid0ftime Nov 7th: "Are your legs tired? Because you've been running through my mind all night long"
x Dave [personal profile] knighthood Nov 7th: Oddest leaflets we've ever picked up in the street
x Wally [personal profile] runrightround Nov 7th: In which Kelly and Wally need a hand from the Ghostbusters or something (har!)
x Terezi [personal profile] thoughtandflow Nov 6th: Chase away the bad times with drawing party plans


x Hungary [personal profile] huszar Oct 24th: A chat over a cup of coffee is good for taking one's mind off of things
x Daisy [personal profile] howdoesyourgardengrow Oct 21st: Let's find the perfect Halloween outfit!
x Bianca [personal profile] futureprofessor Oct 21st: Gym visit: trying to climatise the team to their new home
x Kalael [personal profile] ivorywings Oct 19th: Non-Pokemon biology 101—what do you mean, pregnant?
x Wally [personal profile] runrightround Oct 19th: Home sweet...yeah who are we kidding (dated to just after Kelly's arrival)
x Luna [personal profile] doublethefun Oct 18th: A nighttime encounter on a planet somewhat like home
x Post #001: Oct 15th: Intro! Being blasted from one's homeworld will rattle even the most diligent fakers