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Magma grunt Kelly [Pokemon Emerald OC] ([personal profile] redhotmagma) wrote2012-10-18 07:12 pm


From home:

General items:

x Trainer card
x Team Magma uniform x1
x Pokenav
x Contest dresses x3: a special dress each for Cute, Tough and Beauty Contests
x Contest ribbons (various)
x Super Contest ribbons x2
x Family photographs x2: one of Kelly, her mother, and father from when she was a baby, and a recent photo of Kelly, her mother, and her grandmother

Key Items:

x Hoenn Town Map
x Sinnoh Town Map
x TM Case
x Contest Pass
x Magma Emblem
x Pokeblock Case
x Poffin Case
x Berry Pouch
x Berry Pots x3
x Fashion Case
x Journal

Obtained on the Thor:

x1 Palm-sized glass cat and fish bowl sculpture ☆ Christmas gift from Kalael/[personal profile] ivorywings
x1 “Make Your Own Accessories!” kit ☆ Christmas gift from Bianca/[personal profile] futureprofessor
x1 Large beanie hat ☆ from Claire/[personal profile] believeinwarmth, also from the invisible hair incident
x1 Red knitted hat with flower decoration ☆ from Bianca/[personal profile] futureprofessor, when Kelly's hair turned invisible

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