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With [personal profile] ardent: Fear of elevators

Who: Kelly & Ishimaru ([personal profile] ardent)
What: A downward elevator journey shared by Kelly and Ishimaru experiences some technical and emotional turbulence, throwing the details of Ishimaru's life pre-Thor into question
Where: The Thor (Gargleblasted AU)

[Spending time with Ishimaru is not an activity that Kelly had thought she would ever enjoy, considering that, uh, well...this is Ishimaru we're talking about here. Kelly had not taken affectionately to the shouty criticisms concerning the shortness of outfits, or the constant crying, or the begging for physical punishment, and yet somehow, despite their initial dysfunctional meeting, he's grown on her.

So here she is, spending time with him of her own volition. For once it's not to buff her reputation or garner something she needs. She actually enjoys his company. Inviting him back to her apartment to chat and try the new and exotic alien coffee blend she'd found that she just knows he's going to love comes easily.

Tugging him jovially by the hand, she leads Ishimaru along her route to where they need to be going, which in this case would be the elevators. You can't get to the refugee residences from here without going down, and the other way they could have gone has unexpectedly closed for maintenance over the course of the afternoon. Kelly continues chatting lightheartedly to Ishimaru as she keys the number for the floor they need into the expansive buttoned panel by the elevator doors.]

—and then once we've turned that corner, my place is just a little way from there. ...Um. Ishimaru? Were you listening?
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[Spending time with Kelly is always a bit of an exercise in oddness; bonds with girls have never really been anything that Ishimaru has pursued, nor have they really sought any out with him. That had always done fine by him, of course - there was always studying to do, and things like girlfriends and dating would have been nothing but a distraction; it was incredibly unlikely that he would even keep contact with most of the people he met in high school, anyway - thinking they would be close forever was very unrealistic - so he had been content with the idea of saving all of his complex relationships for when he was older.

And then, of course, everything had gone horrendously wrong in too many directions to count, and here he was. Talking to a girl, which was not in and of itself a bad thing, and it hadn't even occurred to him when he had accepted the offer that there are other connotations often involved when a girl asks a boy into her apartment for coffee.

...come to think of it, those other connotations still haven't occurred to him. Probably fortunate for both of them that way...

At any rate, the alternate route is down and that's more than slightly inconvenient - he makes a mental note to put a complaint in (something he's been doing since his arrival here, because while he realizes that he's likely not making much of a difference in the long run there is something very satisfying about filling out forms in triplicate) but doesn't think too much of it, overall. At least, until they get to the elevators, at which point he just kind of...stops short, eyeing them for a moment before joining Kelly in her contraption of choice.

He presses his back against the side of the car, his gaze darting around the inside as the doors slide closed. The interior is, thankfully, not that horrid rusted red, and it's far more modern-looking than the elevators in Hope's Peak; just the same, he finds himself trying to keep an eye on all of it at once, making sure there's no way that anything can just sort of spring up to taunt them before disappearing while they're disoriented, reminding himself over and over again that the elevators here haven't done anything terribly strange before, but even so he can feel his heart drop along with the elevator as it starts its descent.

...and then Kelly's looking at him strangely and, well, um.]

Ah, of course! It's simply a large place, that's all - it'll be easier once I've seen it for myself!

[...this works better if you don't look openly stressed there, buddy, but at least he's putting some effort in.]
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[...Well, at least she isn't pressing him about it; he's more than a bit relieved at that, actually, simply because he's known quite a few who would have, and he's more than content to leave things like this back in the Academy, where they belong.

As it stands, she's presented a suitable subject change, and he's more than willing to take it. (See, he's learning how to do things! Social things! ...sort of!)]

Spacial memory has never been a problem for me; it's much easier if the locations can be seen, rather than just described. Most people seem to prefer it one way or another, I guess - and then there are those like Oowada-kun, who never seemed able to find things even when he was familiar with the layout! The amount of times I had to point him in the proper direction...if I didn't know better, I would say he was being contrary on purpose.

I'm guessing this place is larger than what you're used to as well?