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Magma grunt Kelly [Pokemon Emerald OC] ([personal profile] redhotmagma) wrote2016-04-10 11:18 pm

With [personal profile] ardent: Fear of elevators

Who: Kelly & Ishimaru ([personal profile] ardent)
What: A downward elevator journey shared by Kelly and Ishimaru experiences some technical and emotional turbulence, throwing the details of Ishimaru's life pre-Thor into question
Where: The Thor (Gargleblasted AU)

[Spending time with Ishimaru is not an activity that Kelly had thought she would ever enjoy, considering that, uh, well...this is Ishimaru we're talking about here. Kelly had not taken affectionately to the shouty criticisms concerning the shortness of outfits, or the constant crying, or the begging for physical punishment, and yet somehow, despite their initial dysfunctional meeting, he's grown on her.

So here she is, spending time with him of her own volition. For once it's not to buff her reputation or garner something she needs. She actually enjoys his company. Inviting him back to her apartment to chat and try the new and exotic alien coffee blend she'd found that she just knows he's going to love comes easily.

Tugging him jovially by the hand, she leads Ishimaru along her route to where they need to be going, which in this case would be the elevators. You can't get to the refugee residences from here without going down, and the other way they could have gone has unexpectedly closed for maintenance over the course of the afternoon. Kelly continues chatting lightheartedly to Ishimaru as she keys the number for the floor they need into the expansive buttoned panel by the elevator doors.]

—and then once we've turned that corner, my place is just a little way from there. ...Um. Ishimaru? Were you listening?

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