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With [personal profile] obfuskate: Some indulgent and relaxing one-on-one time

Who: Kelly & Shadow ([personal profile] obfuskate)
What: Cutely affectionate couple-y relaxation times lead to something more fun (smut, NSFW)

[Taking some down-time is sweetest (and, to Kelly, only acceptable) when it's been well earned. A contented sigh slips unburdened from Kelly's lips as she wriggles deeper into the sofa cushions, swaying her fluffy bedsock-clad feet which at the angle she's reclined dangle just over the edge of the seats. People can tell her all they want that she should take more time off her feet, but as hard a week it's been catching up on Contest practice and running errands with nary a break, the world feels so much so much softer and quieter when you don't have a million mental checklists clogging up your head.

It's all the more sweeter when you have someone to share that moment of quiet success with. The cups of tea on the coffee table are steadily cooling, but Kelly's too caught up in more important matters to worry. Namely, being attentive to her hedgehog boyfriend. Stroking her Pokemon's fur has always been therapeutic for Kelly, but stroking Shadow's is something else all together. She's happy she managed to coax him to join her like this.]
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[ Stress just happens to be mutual in the couple's life. Not only is he annoyed by having very little down time, but his work as an agent of GUN is also mighty tiring, namely when working for them from afar. World-hopping this, country flights that, it's all the same old stuff, different places. The life of Shadow the Hedgehog is surprisingly dull, which, to a human, may seem a tad strange. Being the immortal Ultimate Lifeform, however, is he really expected to buckle when faced with mortal danger? Mortal danger from weak, feeble people? Please.

It's less about exhausting himself from battle. It's more about being worn from doing the same thing every single day. It gets boring, a mental strain, which transfers over to being a physical one.

It is perfectly fine now, though. There's no need to worry, not when he's curled by her side, head tucked into her neck as she pets him slowly. He's purring away, sounding more like a toy motorboat than a hedgehog, his spines slick down his body as opposed to their usual standing position. He's calm, and it shows.

Mmmrrr... Our coffee is getting cold...

[ He yawns, shrugging his shoulders just a little nonchalantly. He doesn't care about the coffee himself, but he does nudge her verbally with his reminder. ]

Do you mind...?
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Mm, I don't think I will. I'm just... comfortable.

[ His speech comes to an abrupt halt as a yawn trickles past his lips, his mouth stretching and showing all of his pretty, pearly fangs. No, he isn't about to sleep, but it doesn't mean this isn't starting to get him there. He wants to stay awake. Maybe he should have had a little more coffee before resigning to the state he's in now.

Whatever. He isn't about to move from his position now. In fact, the only change Shadow makes is rolling from his stomach onto his back, displaying his cute little belly in full. Normally, he doesn't beckon for belly rubs from anyone, but Kelly is more than definitely an exception. He yearns for her touch, her sweet fingertips trailing over every inch of him, from his back to his tummy and hips and back again.

Mmm... He likes the sound of that, even if the touches aren't necessarily innocent. He keens, pulling up his legs so his knees go skyward, yet his thighs slightly part, revealing his tail wiggling underneath.

A little more... [ He purrs pleadingly, his hands lacing over his chest, just beneath the tuft of white fluff only she has permission to touch. ]