redhotmagma: (Serene Grace)
Magma grunt Kelly [Pokemon Emerald OC] ([personal profile] redhotmagma) wrote2013-05-17 09:35 pm

With [personal profile] obfuskate: Some indulgent and relaxing one-on-one time

Who: Kelly & Shadow ([personal profile] obfuskate)
What: Cutely affectionate couple-y relaxation times lead to something more fun (smut, NSFW)

[Taking some down-time is sweetest (and, to Kelly, only acceptable) when it's been well earned. A contented sigh slips unburdened from Kelly's lips as she wriggles deeper into the sofa cushions, swaying her fluffy bedsock-clad feet which at the angle she's reclined dangle just over the edge of the seats. People can tell her all they want that she should take more time off her feet, but as hard a week it's been catching up on Contest practice and running errands with nary a break, the world feels so much so much softer and quieter when you don't have a million mental checklists clogging up your head.

It's all the more sweeter when you have someone to share that moment of quiet success with. The cups of tea on the coffee table are steadily cooling, but Kelly's too caught up in more important matters to worry. Namely, being attentive to her hedgehog boyfriend. Stroking her Pokemon's fur has always been therapeutic for Kelly, but stroking Shadow's is something else all together. She's happy she managed to coax him to join her like this.]

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