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Character info

Name: Kelly Louise Lailey
Trainer Class: Team Magma Grunt / Pokemon Coordinator
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Birthdate: May 30th (Gemini)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown / current residence: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn
Birthplace: Hearthome City, Sinnoh
Character theme song:

Basic info

★ Born in Hearthome City, Sinnoh. Her mother was a Pokemon Coordinator from Hoenn, her father a journalist for a Pokemon Contest publication
★ Her father died when she was a year old, at which time her mother moved back home to Lavaridge Town. Kelly has lived there with her mother and grandmother for most of her life
★ Took up study at an all-girls boarding school in Rustboro City when she was 13, in order to study Pokemon Coordinating. She graduated when she turned 16.
★ Joined Team Magma shortly after leaving school, a fact that remains a secret to all but one or two of her closest friends. When asked about her employment she claims to be in a part-time secretary position
★ Currently living on her own in Lavaridge, but visits her mother and grandmother often

★ Appears selfless and kind, but it's an act
★ Her true self is very blunt to the point of sometimes seeming cruel, and much less goodhearted. She fabricated a new public persona when her bluntness started repelling other people from her
★ Manipulative and on a contstant mission to win the affections of those around her
★ Has a driving desire to fit in and be liked by people; doesn't like to feel alone
★ Places huge importance on appearances and the idea of first impressions
★ Ambiguous morality. She's a strong believer in necessary evils, thinks little of petty crime, and fits the definition of a Punch Clock Villain
★ Analytical, yet happy go lucky—she'll collect as much information as she can, yet will rarely be deterred from taking her first choice anyway. If a solution seems cushty enough with no glaringly obvious problems, she'll take it
★ Never ever ever stops thinking and planning. Stand close enough and you can almost hear the cogs in her head whirring...
★ A genuinely sociable person and loves the company of all different sorts of people
★ Obsessed with the idea of romance and relationships
★ Has extreme difficulty holding down romantic relationships due feeling unable to connect with the opposite gender, but also the underlying fear that she'll only lose someone if she falls in love with them (like what happened to her mother with her father)
★ Emotionally closed-off and takes a long time to form genuine bonds with other people

Physical and mental
★ Addictive personality
★ Lacking in both strength and stamina
★ Easily knocked by extreme temperatures
★ Takes longer to fight off illnesses once she catches them
★ Thin and unable to put on much weight to make a noticeable difference to her figure, despite her wish for curves
★ ...though her tiny appetite doesn't help

★ Never wears her Team Magma uniform off duty


“Nelsy” / Numel
Female, level 20
Nature: Mild
Ability: Oblivious
Contest category: Beauty Contest, Hyper Rank
Sunny Day
Focus Energy
Bio: TBA
Contest strategy: TBA

"Casey" / Delcatty
Female, level 18
Nature: Naive
Ability: Cute Charm
Contest category: Cute Contest, Hyper Rank
Bio: TBA
Contest strategy: TBA

"Vivian" / Poochyena
Female, level 16
Nature: Impish
Ability: Quick Feet
Contest category: Tough Contest, Super Rank
Take Down
Scary Face
Bio: TBA
Contest strategy: TBA

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