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Magma grunt Kelly [Pokemon Emerald OC] ([personal profile] redhotmagma) wrote2011-09-02 06:11 pm


Threadjacking with this character?:
Go for it!

Backtagging with this character?:
No complaints whatsoever! I'm a busy person so 90% of my RPing is backtagging anyway. Don't be shy to tag a thread that's days or even weeks old, I'll be cool with it.

Hugging this character?:
Kelly's a touchy-feely kind of person, so she's unlikely to refuse unless it's somebody she's particularly uncomfortable with. Of course, she's likely to be confused if it's somebody she doesn't know at all.

Giving this character a kiss?:
You can try, but Kelly will do everything she can to avoid your character's advances if she's not dating them or isn't even a little bit interested in them.

(Something more intimate?):
Nothing so intimate that it would violate the rules. I'd appreciate being given a heads-up first if your character wants to try something a little too daring when they're not romantically involved with her; Kelly also has romantic baggage that needs to be worked through before she'll even consider becoming that intimate with anyone.

I'd rather discuss it beforehand so we could plot things out, but I would likely be up for it. Assuming they're not utter tools, guys who ask Kelly out are normally in with a great chance of success! ...Though there's also a depressingly high chance of them being dumped within a week once Kelly begins to get cold feet. Still, if anyone wants to step up and try their luck...

Punching this character (provided they can fight back):
Go for it! She'll usually just get angry or upset and maybe cry or try to escape, but keep in mind that if your character does try and hurt her then she may set her Pokemon team on them in self defence.

For anything more serious than bruising or minor cuts, please check with me first.

See above, no trying to kill of my muse without my say-so. At present I'm uninterested in killing Kelly, as the emotional aftermath it would have on her isn't something I want to play out at this time.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?:
Nothing! She can handle most things, and if she can't then, well, that could be interesting to play out. Just don't expect intelligent conversation from her on heavily intellectual subjects.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?
Unless mentioned otherwise, please assume Kelly is wearing civilian clothing, rather than her Magma uniform. Also, while I will do my best to make sure it's clear in tags, please bear in mind that Kelly is very manipulative and will frequently lie if the situation calls for it, as well as play to what she thinks your character wants to hear. Therefore, most things she says should be taken with a pinch of salt OOCly—it just helps to be aware that she has a game plan.

Anything else, please mention here:
Don't be afraid to contact me with any crit you may have for Kelly. I know that it can be tricky with OCs, but do call me out on it if you feel Kelly is doing something that contradicts her previous actions or what's written in her character profile, or if you think there's anything I could be doing better. I'm also perfectly happy to discuss rewriting a tag if you feel I've worded something awkwardly or if you'd prefer the thread move in different direction.